Windows Mobile Compact Framework Demos
Recorded on Polaris -> 400mhz qualcomm
Actual quality surpasses recorded demos
© Edgar J. Vos
5x5Chess Asteroids - based on a very old Philips game console game. KmAdmin - Transparant Round Usercontrols instead of square gray boxes. Watch - Interpolation of data using sql-ce Texas Hold-em Hand Evaluator Currency Converter Styx -  inspired on an old c64 game Topic - High Performance Low Memory Footprint Adaptive Detailing. Topic - Ultrafast binary multi-search, transparant background, Low Memory Footprint Magic 8 Ball - Ask yourself a "what are the odds that ... " question which can be answered by a percentage from 0 to 100. GraphXY - Mathemetical Equations in Three-Dimensional Space, choose your plugins to combine equations, transformations and rotations. Topic - Performance more than 1000 times faster with refactored optimized unsafe code compared to original managed code allows more and larger files showing more detail within acceptable time. Monitors - widgets to monitor all kinds of hardware or process related information. Topic - Consuming Virtual Earth Webservices. Orbit Menu - An External Component, just because I do not have square fingers, can easily be integrated in any program. Rotater - Speed optimized Pixel for Pixel transformation to rotate a static image in real-time. GPS Compass - getting a fix, Cool when it rotates but I am not moving while recording this. Topic - Weather Webservice and Iso Contours Triangulation. Topic - Speed and Route logging. Topic - Detect and log all WIFI networks near you or along the road. Topic - Projecting Raster Digital Elevation Model, calculations take ~3 seconds.